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MyDysphagia app- NHS recommended.

This app is a one-of-a-kind lifestyle app specifically designed for people with dysphagia and their carers. The app is packed with handy tips, recipes and resources to help people live their lives to the full.

MyDysphagia consists of three main sections:

• Food & Drink: Contains handy tips and recipes for eating in and eating out. It also includes a ‘Consistency Checker’ that lists the latest national descriptors for consistency, providing users with a useful resource for preparing meals and drinks.

• iThicken: Developed by University College London, iThicken is a visual reference for mixing drinks to the correct consistency. It is a great resource for those involved in drink preparation.

• Thick & Easy™: Full of useful advice and hints for using Thick & Easy™. It contains everything from calculating the number of tins needed per prescription, to using Thick & Easy™ with medication.

MyDysphagia was created by Fresenius Kabi Ltd UK. iThicken was created by University College London

Our NHS health app review: Our speech and language therapists find this a useful tool especially for education for patients on thickened fluid. This is often used to demonstrate thickness levels to family members and care homes.

Price: Free

Latest Comments

Rachel (Speech & Language Therapist), Clinician | 28th February, 2017

Very useful app for clinicians and patients - as a training tool and demonstration, also includes recipes. Soon to be updated to include Thick and Easy Clear. See website for more information:

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