07 Apr

Top 5 Stroke apps

Apps can help aid recovery after a Stroke.

Looking for apps that can help after Stroke but not sure which ones to use. We can help.

At mytherappy our NHS specialists have tested thousands of apps. We work with Stroke patients every day in the hospital and out in the community. We know what works and what doesn't. We test all apps objectively using our 50 point testing measure across our national network of NHS clinicians.

You can find all of our recommendations at

As a quick guide we are sharing our 5 top 5's. Our top 5 recommended apps for Stroke, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Neurological Rehabilitation. You can find them all at

Top 5 Apps for Stroke Recovery -Recommended by NHS clinicians.

Language Therapy 4-in1

Language difficulties after Stroke are common. These present in a multitude of ways for example Aphasia. Language Therapy 4-in1 is made by Tactus Therapy. A company set up by a Neurological Speech and Language therapist. Their apps are clear, easy to use and great at what they do. We highly recommend them. 4-in-1 is their combo package although they can be bought separately for specific need of Comprehension, Naming, Reading and Writing. We use these in all of our clinical settings from Acute to community. We even lend patients tablets so that they can practice them alone or with a family member as part of their home exercise programme.

Get Language-therappy

Available on: Apple and Android

Price: Free trial or Lite version. Priced individually or as a package for full versions.

Our Rating: 4.5 Star

Our users said: "Really useful covering many aspects of impairment based therapy". Kim, Clinician


Difficulty using your fingers and hand is also common place after a Stroke. Evidence shows that repetition of movement is the key to rehabilitation. This handy app allows patients to practice on their own giving them specific finger movements to achieve in a fun way. From pincer grip to individual finger movement. We have had great results with this as part of a home exercise programme within the home environment by our early supported discharge teams.

Get Dexteria

Available on: Apple and Andriod

Price: £5.99

Our Rating: 4 Star

Our users said: "Good range of activities designed to mimic everyday function" Louise Physiotherapist


Repeat practice for your thinking skills can be hard to achieve and sometimes dull however this little app manages to achieve it in a fun way. With daily practices and challenges for all aspects of your thinking and charts to track your progress, this app helps keeps people mentally active. High level cognitive patients find this really useful and report that they carry on using it well after they have been discharged from Stroke services.

Get Peak

Available on: Apple and Android

Price: Free lit version. Can upgrade for more comprehensive app. Our Rating: 4.7 Star

Our users said: "Easy to use "games". Easy to read stats on your performance. No adverts or intrusive selling of their upgraded programme" Tina Clinician

Stroke Patient.

When a Stroke occurs there is a lot of information given rapidly. This can sometimes be hard to take in. Hospital environments and processes can be strange. This app was designed to help people through this process in the acute stages. It breaks down information into bite size chunks and explains the terminology. This app is readily available on our tablets within our acute settings.

Get Stroke Patient

Available on: Apple and Android

Price: Free

Our Rating: 4.5 Star

Our users said: "Really easy to navigate, not too daunting, and provides accurate and appropriate information relating to stroke, risk factors and preventative measures." Harriet User


Stroke can have a major impact on mood. Stroke can change peoples life and their family members lives. Our therapists are always on the look out for changes in peoples mood. This app can help people manage their mood, give them some much needed me time and help them to think about things more positively. We have had great results using this once patients are out of the acute phase.

Get Headspace

Available on: Apple and Android

Price: Trail for free. Variety of subscription packages available.

Our Rating: 4.5 Star

Well that's our Top 5. We hope this has helped. Don't forget to watch out for our other Top 5s in our news pages.