06 Apr

Using mhealth to help battle Covid-19.

Resources for NHS clinicians during the time of Covid-19.

The NHS is facing an unprecedented challenge thanks to Covid-19. Everyone is pulling together and doing an amazing job. We applaud our NHS colleagues and all Keyworkers at this time.

mhealth, telehealth and technology are helping the NHS face this challenge. Some reports say that there has been an increase of 38% in use of NHS technology since the Covid-19 pressures started.

The mytherappy clinicians are front line staff and working extremely hard, but we wanted to do more. So we will be sharing our 5 top 5's.

The top 5 apps for Stroke, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language therapy and Neurological rehabilitation.

You will be able to find these on the news section of our website and keep up to date with their releases on @mytherappy or facebook

To kick things off we will be sharing some useful resources on health technology that could help clinicians, survivors and families at this difficult time.

RCP App Guidelines -

Mhealth use is skyrocketing but as clinicians we need to make sure we are using them safely. The Royal College of Physicians have some guidelines on using apps within your clinical practice.

Alternative therapy delivery methods -

Our teams are having to use different methods to contact our patients. The mytherappy team have been using Zoom to run our Parkinsons class to help keep them moving. Our friends at the Bridge self management team have produced a handy guide. Resources for community teams working remotely.

The Chartered society of Physiotherapists are also aware of this change and have produced a guide on providing re-mote consolations.

Trusted health apps -

Patients are accessing health care and health tools differently right now. Using the right resources from trusted sites are key. The NHS have some great resources for this. These two NHS app sites are impartial and free to access and provided recommendations on tested health apps.

Tips for Clinicians -

The government are asking private or retired practitioners to return to the NHS to help with the cause. The Royal College of Occupational Therapists have produced some advice on returning to NHS from private practice

Keeping teams well -

Now more than ever it is really important that we look after our own health and the health of our team. Mind have kindly produced some top tips to help you and your team with this while self isolating.

We hope this helps. Look out for our 5 top 5 articles which will be coming shortly. Stay safe everyone.

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