About Mytherappy

An NHS information database, helping you find the right health apps. The mytherappy health app review website has been developed by the NHS and patients to help others. It was started by the multi-award winning Neuro-rehabilitation Team at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.

Our beliefs

  • Apps can improve your recovery and are a useful treatment tool.
  • Selecting the right app is key.
  • Information should be easily and freely available for patients and clinicians.
  • Helping patients recovery is our priority.

Contact us

To receive more information or regular updates about new apps being added and training available please contact us at ndht.mytherappy@nhs.net, follow @mytherappy on Twitter or like our facebook page.

Health app review process.

ASeal of approvalll apps are reviewed by a mixture of NHS clinical staff and expert patients using Mytherappy's unique pathway and critiquing process before being given the Mytherappy seal of Approval. We are not affiliated with any app developers. The apps are tested using a 50 point objective criteria covering everything from data protection and usability to clinical evidence.

What we do.

We believe in health apps and work hard to improve the standard of the health app market and help clinicians utilise them. Training

With so many on the market we help you find the right ones. Our rating systems also allow you to see what others think.

We aim to improve the usage and quality of health apps available on the market by:

  • App testing
  • Simple scores
  • Education and Training to clinicians
  • Collaboration with app developers

We want to share our knowledge and skills and help others develop their same skills. Find out more in our Training and Consultancy sections or contact us at ndht.mytherappy@nhs.net.

The mytherappy team.

Award Winning Team

We utilise a network of NHS specialists, therapists and patients across the UK. Our clinical network consists of NHS specialists and survivors across

  • Stroke
  • Neurology
  • Head Injury
  • Occupational Health

We have a multi disciplinary approach and our testers consists of

  • Survivors
  • Carers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Psychologists
  • Support Workers

Meet Ruth - Our Clinical lead and Co-Founder.

Ruth Siewruk is an Occupational Therapists specilising in Neurology. Ruth was inspired to start mytherappy while working with Stroke patients and recognising the potential health apps could bring to rehabilitation. Together with her colleagues at Northern Devon NHS Trust she founded the service and is still a big driving force in the team today. She, like all of the team, juggles her active clinical NHS caseload and her input into mytherappy. Ruth works within early supported discharge with Stroke and Brain Injury patients and also runs specialist clinics for Neurological patients requiring Cognitive rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation.

Conference "Sharing our knowledge and allowing others to benefit is so important to me. Fundamentally, as clinicians, we are all one team working to help people. Mytherappy allows us to do this on a global scale and I am humbled by the impact it has had on the health community worldwide".

Here is Ruth spreading the word and helping as many clinicians as she can. She regularly delivers training, conference appearances, provides expert opinion for the Stroke association, hosts articles in peer reviewed journals and has even featured in BBC radio interviews, all to help fellow clinicians.

Find out more from Ruth via @RehabRuth

Meet Nick - One of our expert patients.

Nick is a Stroke patient and survivor who used apps as part of his rehabilitation and therapy.

“My stroke, in the summer of 2016, affected my left side. I had no movement in my left arm or leg and I had some face drop. I was bed bound and unable to do anything with my arm.


I am now walking and enjoy walking my dog. I am increasing my speed and distance. I am trying to get my left hand and arm involved as much as I can and get back to drumming.

I find the mytherappy site very easy to use. The apps have a good description. I have found the Headspace app useful. Some of the apps for my hand it was too early but now that I am getting some movement in my hand I will be using them.

Having patients on the mytherappy team adds an extra dimension. People using the apps can give their opinion on how relevant or useful the app is.

Thanks to all the staff who have helped me along the road, you are all fantastic and inspirational. I would not have made the gains I have without your help and guidance”.

National recognition

The mytherappy team are winners of the following awards for its "VISTA" group and ESD service

  • care integration award
  • Advancing Healthcare category award
  • Advancing Healthcare overall award
Joining Forces innovation in community services award

Our mytherappy work has been recognised at the UK stroke forum hosted by the stroke association where we have been welcomed on multiple occasions to run apps workshops. We have also worked with NHS England and the Stroke Association.

We were finalists in the Advancing Healthcare awards for 2017 and have received the "penguin" award from the academy of FAB NHS stuff for our ability to overcome adversity by joining forces.

What others say about us

"Will make a real difference" Stroke Association

"Excellent ... help you live with effects of brain injury" Headway

"In love with your fantastic website ... recommending it. Great Job!" Different Strokes

"Really useful, easy to use.. love the links" Carer

"Informative, amazing. Well done you! Nurse

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Our collaborators.

The mytherappy website was a joint venture created with stroke and brain injury survivors, Northern Devon Health Care Trust and the Southwest Academic Health Science Network.We also have a number of collaborators and NHS trusts across the UK who form part of our testing network.

Northern Devon Trust