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Brain Injury Information and support app made by Brain Injury survivors for Brain Injury survivors.
Information about what is a brain injury and common symptoms. Survivor stories and tips. Meditation section to help you live with Brain Injury. Information comes in written or video format.

Developed in Australia by the Brain Injury Matters Charity.

What they say: The only App made by people with a brain injury for people with a brain injury. ABI Wise shares information, personal stories, tips, meditations and resources about living well with brain injury.

Our NHS review: Lovely, clear and concise app. Great support base for longer term use. We loved that it is developed by Brain Injury survivors and gives real life examples and tips. Aphasia friendly.
Cons: It is Australian so the useful links are less relevant in the UK.
Less suited to mild Brain Injury.

Tested on: 2/7/2020

Version: 1.1.8

Price: Free

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