REPS recovery Exercises

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Stroke specific exercise tasks for upper limb

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Arms and Fingers


REPS Recovery Exercise app is an upper limb, repetitive, impairment based, task app.

REPS Recovery Exercises consists of two post-stroke exercise programs TASK and PUSH. Both programs utilise a strategy that can assist recovery after stroke – repetitive practice. TASK involves the repetitive practice of four everyday tasks whereas PUSH involves the repetitive practice of arm movements.

There are video demonstrations on exercises which are easy to follow.

It was made by a team of academic Physiotherapists From Macquarie University in Australia with the aim of helping Stroke patients complete exercises at home as part of a self maintenance rehabilitation programme.

Mytherappy health app review:

Great moderinsation of the exercises we would normally give out to patients. Easy to follow and evidenced based. Works well as part of functional rehabilitation following a Stroke.

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Version tested: 1.1

Tested 2019.

Price: Free