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Stroke Patient is designed specifically for patients recovering from a stroke, their families and their friends. It helps to explain strokes, available treatments and the hospital care process.

The app, created by a team of stroke specialists, provides easy-to-understand information on strokes and emergency stroke treatments.

Key Features:

- 5 Stage Hospital Treatment Diagram

- Simple information on stroke, its causes, prevention tips and recovery process

- Glossary - medical terms explained

- Easy-to-use step-by-step guide that can be read at hospital or at home

- Designed specifically for patients and the non-medical community

Price: Free

Latest Comments

Harriet 22nd May, 2017

Really easy to navigate, not too daunting, and provides accurate and appropriate information relating to stroke, risk factors and preventative measures.

Alexandra 22nd May, 2017

Informative and written in terms I found easy to understand. Easy to use and navigate.

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