Training for Clinicians -

Do you want to use apps with your patients but aren't sure how?

Knowing how to incorporate the use of apps into clinical practice whilst keep your patients safe is a new skill for clinicians. With so many health apps on the market using the right ones are key, but finding them is a new skill. We can help.

Our NHS clinicians have learnt how to do this and have been safely and effectively using apps clinically for years. We want to pass on this knowledge so that others don't have to learnt the hard way like us.

We offer a number of training packages aimed at clinicians to help you learn these new skills.

  • One day workshop in the Southwest
  • Bespoke one day workshop for your clinical area
  • Bespoke one hour in-service training, on an introduction to using an critiquing apps.
  • One days access to our one hour in-service training webinar.

Find out more about "Why apps should be part of your clinical tool kit" from the video.

Our training will help you:

• Discover how, why and when to use apps and have the chance to trial them first hand

• Learn how to critique apps.

• Examine the evidence base.

• Discover the other digital health possibilities to help you and your patients.

"Excellent training, feel more confident and ready to use" Physiotherapist

" ***** training, thank you" Occupational Therapist

"Never new there was so much to think about to keep my patients safe" Speech and Language Therapists

"Really useful CPD day ... learning how to critique apps to recommend to patients" Acpin Southwest

For an idea of what our training offers see this previous, freely available, presentation we did for the Stroke Association at the UKSF.

Book at or to find out more details.