National testing network

NHS app testing network

The national testing network is formed of a collection of NHS health care trusts and clinicians working within healthcare settings together with expert patients and carers.

Collaborative approach

Together we believe in working collaboratively as one big team and sharing knowledge freely.

All apps are tested clinically by this network of experts. Their review and feedback is added to the digital safety score to give the final rating. This ensures all apps are digitally safe, clinically assured and survivor recommended.

Clinical specialists

Across the testing network we benefit from a variety of health care professionals. This network includes specialist clinicians for all the key medical conditions we cover. They all work clinically, seeing patients every day in their chosen speciality field. They know what works for their patients and carers and what they need.

Expert patients & carers

We believe that survivors and people living with these medical conditions are experts in their own right. This is why we include them as part of the testing network. Patients and carers provided a valuable insight into the reality of living with these medical conditions and often offer a different view point.

Student testers

We believe in the power health apps can add rehabilitation and recovery. Apps and technology are a part of modern life. Clinicians need to know how to make the most of them clinically.

To help upskill the next generation of clinicians we include student clinicians, with the support of their universities, in our testing network. We provide them specialist training in how to use and critique apps.

Founding members

The mytherappy app review service was a joint venture created with stroke and brain injury survivors, Northern Devon Health Care Trust and the Southwest Academic Health Science Network.

Network members

Northern Devon Trust