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HealthUnlocked app.

This app is a social network for health. Get matched with others in your same health situation, learn from the experiences of others, receive emotional support, and get recommended content, communities, people, and services.

There are over 600 communities focused on topics ranging from cancer to running and everything in between.

Our NHS health app Review:

Pros: Opportunity for peer support following a health problem

Cons: Advice and discussions are unmonitored by Health Professionals. Some advice is incorrect and has potential to cause worry/harm. We monitored the Stroke, MS and Brain Injury forums and found that some advice would raise anxiety levels and contradictory to the advice given by NHS professionals.

Price: Free

Latest Comments

Ruth , Clinician | 10th July, 2018

Patients have reported that this is useful but as a clinician the content is often questionable and can result in patients being misinformed or concerned.

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