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Excellent visual tool to aid professionals in educating patients and families about swallowing disorders. This app features state-of-the-art animations derived from MBSImP™ research on swallowing physiology and impairment. The custom-designed video animations accurately depict normal swallow physiology and provide clear examples of varying physiologic impairments of the swallow. Video controls allow for slow motion, pause, and frame-by-frame forward and reverse.

Animations are of adult physiology and include:

• Normal Swallow, Lateral View
• Normal Swallow, A/P View
• Example of Penetration with Aspiration
• Impairment of Bolus Transport
• Impairment of Initiation of Pharyngeal Swallow
• Impairment of Anterior Hyoid Excursion
• Impairment of Laryngeal Vestibular Closure
• Impairment of Pharyngeal Contraction
• Impairment of PES Opening
• Impairment of Tongue Base Retraction

Price: £9.99

Latest Comments

Nicola 7th April, 2016

I have used this when explaining the swallow mechanism to patients, carers, students and to supplement training. I have found it extremely useful.

Rhian 7th April, 2016

This app is useful to show patients a normal swallow and areas of breakdown.

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