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Dysphagia app- NHS recommended.

Helps clinicians navigate their options to manage and rehabilitate swallowing disorders.

This handy pocket reference will help you select the right treatments to address the impairments you’ve diagnosed in your dysphagia patients. You’ll have easy access to information about anatomy, cranial nerves,treatment procedures, and patient handouts, making it easier to know what you’re treating and how.

Novice and experienced clinicians alike will benefit from knowing they’ve thought of all the options. You’ll love having all this information at your fingertips!

Key Features:

** Personalized options for therapy based on assessment results

** Customized home programs for patients

** Clinician & patient education tools built-in for quick reference

Three top dysphagia clinicians have teamed up with Tactus Therapy, the leader in adult rehab apps, to bring you up-to-date information to help simplify your life and get your patients participating in an active swallowing rehab program.

Our NHS health app review: Frequently used by our Neurological Speech and language therapists.

Price: £15.99

Latest Comments

Rachel (Speech & Language Therapist), Clinician | 11th February, 2017

Love this app! Great as a revision tool for cranial nerve assessments, teaching students, demonstrating and explanations to clients/carers, fantastic list of therapy options/patient handouts and clear diagrams. Excellent value for money!

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