Stroke & Brain Injury apps

NHS specialists have tested thousands of health apps, selecting the best, to help your recovery following a Stroke or Brain Injury.

These apps have been found to aid rehabilitation for survivors, their families and clinicians following a Stroke or Brain Injury. Tried and tested by people like you.

"Using the ipad and apps is what helped the most" (Stroke survivor)

"Will make a real difference" Stroke Association

"Excellent ... help you live with effects of brain injury" Headway

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Stroke & Brain Injury apps Apps



iOS Android

Primary Use:


Change4Life Be Food Smart


iOS Android

Primary Use:

Eating and Drinking

Change for life - smart recipes


iOS Android

Primary Use:

Eating and Drinking

Couch to 5K


iOS Android

Primary Use:

Being Active

Bla Bla Bla



Primary Use:


Virtual Hope Box


iOS Android

Primary Use:

My Mood

Useful Links

After Trauma - Support network and advice for people following major trauma.

Brain Nav - The National Brain Injury Service directory. A directory of both state and privatley finded brain injury services across England.

Bridges - Self management programme supporting people through their rehabilitation following stroke and brain injury.

Connect - A charity working with people with Aphasia and their families to develop communication and rebuild confidence.

Different strokes

Driving after Head Injury - DVLA information and link to the downloadable form needed to return to driving.

Driving after Stroke - DVLA information and Link to the downloadable form needed to return to driving.

Driving after Seizure- DVLA information and Link to the downloadable form needed to return to driving.

Headway - A charity supporting people and their families following brain injury.

NHS choices - Stroke Symptom checker

NHS - General advice from the NHS regarding Stroke with useful links and topics.

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust - Information on services available within the Northern Devon area.

Read Right - Therapeutic programme deisgned to help improve eyesight following stroke.

RCP Guidelines on using Apps - Guidelines for clinicians.

Southwest Academic Health and Science Network- Network across the southwest dedicated to improving health and care, and spreading innovation across the region.


Stroke association - Charity supporting people and their families following a stroke with information on life after stroke.

Turn to us- A free service that helps people in financial need access welfare benefits and charitable grants.

Training for Clinicians.

Using apps and digital health for rehabilitation.

A one day workshop aimed at clinicians who work within rehabilitation.

19/05/2017 £75

Venue: Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, near M5.

• Discover how, why and when to use apps and have the chance to trial them first hand

• Learn how to critique apps.

• Examine the evidence base.

• Discover the other digital health possibilities to help you and your patients.

Book at

Other Training packages are available from including

  • Bespoke one day workshop for your clinical area
  • Bespoke one hour in-service training, on an introduction to using an critiquing apps.
  • One days access to our one hour in-service training webinar.

Contact for details and bookings.

App developers

Mytherappy are not affiliated with any app developers. We have been testing heath apps from a clinical perspective for over 5 years and we know what makes a "Good app". Having tested thousands we know the common pitfalls, what makes an app successful and what users and clinicians and patients are looking for in a health app. We want to strengthen the health app community and ensure that reliable useful apps are being created.

  • If we have tested your app we can provide you with your report and feedback about what is working well and how you can improve your app.
  • If you are developing an app and would like some advice or feedback we would be happy to help.

Contact us at

Why use mytherappy and apps for Stroke or Brain Injury recovery

Health apps and general apps can aid recovery following a stroke or brain injury.

Using the right app is key. Specifically designed Stroke apps and Brain Injury apps can be a useful tool during rehabilitation as can general health apps and non-health apps. Here at mytherappy we have complied them all together to make it easier for you.

Why use Apps?

  • Increases motivation
  • Instant feedback
  • Makes rehabilitation fun
  • Easily portable
  • Discreet
  • Works with your existing programme

Why use mytherappy?

  • Apps tested by NHS specialists and expert patients
  • Use apps with confidence
  • Stroke and brain injury suitable
  • Discover what works for other patients and clinicians
  • Health apps and everyday apps tested

How we use health apps for rehabilitation

  1. The Mytherappy team use Stroke apps and Brain Injury apps across all of our clinical areas, this includes the Acute Stroke Unit, Stroke rehabilitation unit, Early supported discharge for Stroke and Brain injury, Outpatients and Community rehabilitation. Health apps are a tool to be used in conjunction with therapy or treatment and not a replacement. They are always used towards functional goals and transferred into function.

“very successful, patients enjoy. Easy to use … helps patients engage. Can see improvements.” Kirsty Support Worker

All our apps are suitable for Stroke and Brain injury patients.Apps are used with our Stroke and Brain Injury patients as:
  • a Treatment tool with the therapist during therapy sessions in hospital and in their own homes
  • part of patients independent home exercise programme
  • an information resource for patients and families during their acute care

Our team have access to a variety of tablets some of which we loan to patients. Most of these have been sourced through charitable funds. We also encourage patients to download the health apps to there own devices.

“Great for complex topics ..contextually and visually engaging. great tool” Relative